UA HVAC Training Centers

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Today’s marketplace demands the highest quality of HVAC service professionals – men and women – who can be trusted with demanding heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration applications. From leading corporate centers and medical facilities to art museums and sports venues, trained UA service technicians are counted on for crucial installations and to maintain energy efficiency standards.

In order to maintain and upgrade the skills necessary to perform industry leading HVAC work, journeymen and apprentices receive classroom instruction and hands-on training at our state-of-the-art training centers.

Local training centers offer industry leading classroom education for apprentices and upgrade courses for UA journeymen to help HVAC service technicians work more efficiently and safely, keeping them up-to-date on the latest industry technology and processes.

By obtaining industry leading certifications, our experienced service techs make themselves more employable, which helps them earn top wages and excellent benefits.

For those wanting to enter the industry, our training centers provide a five-year apprenticeship program to help them learn the skills needed to be successful in the field. Apprentices “Earn while they Learn,” which means they make livable wages working and learning on the jobsite alongside experienced journeymen, while attending mandatory classroom instruction. This training allows apprentices to make a good hourly wages and receive health and retirement benefits.

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